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We’ve got resources to help you turn a setback into a great comeback.

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Life hits hard.

Do you want to come through setbacks broken or brilliant?

Job loss. Divorce. Health crisis. Pandemics. Life really throws curve balls and sucker punches your way. It’s hard to imagine a mega comeback after a suck-y setback. 

That’s where we come in. We are Mary Fran Bontempo and Kristin Smedley. We know what it feels like to be lost, afraid, unproductive, unsuccessful and unhappy. That’s a lot of yuck, but in the pit of all of that is where the opportunity lies to be RESILIENT and uncover your BRILLIANCE.

We’ve learned our lessons the hard way and were each broken.  So broken. However, we landed on the other side with brilliant new journeys that surprise us constantly!

We will share it all with you so you, too,  can live Brilliant, not broken. Lets get started! 

The Book!

Reset, Rise & Reveal Your Brilliance!

It’s here!!! Brilliantly Resilient, the book, arrived to rave reviews! A Hot New Release on Amazon and a top 100 Best Seller (next to Deepak Chopra!) this book is the perfect gift to give yourself and those you love! Order yours today!!!

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Uncover Your Resilience and discover your brilliance

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Are You Ready to Make This Your Most Brilliant Year Yet?

We’ll show you how to uncover your Resilience, discover your Brilliance and come through challenges Brilliant, not broken! Join us and check out the programs and resources below, and be sure to take a look at our new Masterclass Series, with special programs for you!





Completely self-contained and packed with tools and strategies to start you on your Brilliantly Resilient journey! Learn at your own pace. Get started TODAY! 







What They’re Saying…


“Resilience is essential to success. But when you take it a step further and add your Brilliance—that’s bringing the heat! With heart and humor, Kristin and Mary Fran have taken their sucker punches and created a Brilliantly Resilient mission that proves everyone can Reset, Rise and Reveal their Brilliance to the world.”    John Lee Dumas—Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire


“I am thrilled that Mary Fran and Kristin are writing again all with the intention to propel women into believing in themselves, honoring their journey and bravely moving forward towards their goals.  Their movement is inspiring, and they are filled with such deep passion for making a positive difference that it moves and makes those around them lift up and inspire others to do the same.”   Violette de Ayala—Founder of FemCity, Best Selling Author of The Self-Guided Guru


“Resetting your mindset is no easy task. But with Brilliantly Resilient, Mary Fran and Kristin help lead you to uncover your Brilliance by taking small, accessible and actionable steps leading to big results that reflect your values, beliefs and strengths. They’re also funny, approachable and completely relatable. ‘Game Changers’ for sure!” Rob Angel, Author of Game Changer and Creator of Pictionary



It’s here!!! Brilliantly Resilient, the book, arrived to rave reviews! A Hot New Release on Amazon and a top 100 Best Seller (next to Deepak Chopra!) this book is the perfect gift to give yourself and those you love! Order yours today!!!


Order Yours Today!!



Sometimes life just sucks. The question is: Are you just visiting or are you going to live there?                                                                      – Mary Fran Bontempo


Kristin Smedley and Mary Fran Bontempo

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