Help Your Employees (And Your Organization!) Thrive

Where can your employees find professional and personal growth opportunities within your organization?

Corporate America now recognizes the value in providing leadership and improvement opportunities to its employees, often through an ERG (Employee Resource Group), or BRG (Business Resource Group).

ERGs and BRGs support employee learning and development by offering formal and informal leadership training, career building, inter-company networking and team building in a positive environment.

Brilliantly Resilient™ is a powerful program for ERGs and BRGs.

Since 2019, America has seen a 93% increase in anxiety screenings and a 62% increase in depression screenings, according to Mental Health America (, impacting both individual and corporate success.

Employees lacking a resilient mindset struggle with setbacks and challenges in the workplace. They can become easily overwhelmed, lose motivation, and have difficulty bouncing back from failures. This leads to:

  • Decreased productivity
  • Poor problem-solving
  • Strained relationships between colleagues
  • Negative impact on the overall work environment

Without resilience, employees can find it difficult to adapt to change and be more prone to stress, anxiety, and burnout, impacting company performance and success.

Employers are faced with many challenges; tending to employee mindset and well-being is typically not in their wheelhouse.  That’s where the Brilliantly Resilient™ team comes in.

The Brilliantly Resilient™ program teaches employees an immediately actionable 3 step method to develop a resilient mindset...

Enabling them to overcome challenges and become more productive in the workplace. Employees learn strategies to increase:

  • Adaptability
  • Perseverance
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Effective team building
The program helps individuals understand and implement the power of perception, values-based action, transferable skill sets, and team building while enhancing problem-solving skills and innovation for faster, better results. It also emphasizes employee well-being, stress management, and maintaining healthy work-life balance.


What they're saying...


What they’re saying….


“Reliance Matrix partnered with Mary Fran and Kristin to present Brilliantly Resilient as the inaugural event for our Women’s Employee Resource Group.  We received so many notes after regarding the positive impact the presentation had on the audience.  I highly recommend this resource for any professional group event.  It helps give employees the confidence they need to work through life’s hardships.   And it’s the gift that keeps on giving – the gems you learn during it can be applied and reapplied to any part of your life – at work or at home.    We’re so glad we offered it to our employees!  The presentation is truly one of a kind.” ~ Margaret Guerrette, Reliance Matrix ERG Leadership

“Amazing! Wonderful! Inspiring!”

“I just wanted to reach out and let you all know that the Brilliantly Resilient presentation was such an inspiration. You guys really knocked it out of the park!!!!”

“Can someone help me subscribe to the Womens ERG notifications for future events? Today’s event was phenomenal. Excellent speakers.” 

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