Building Company Brilliance and Resilience Through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Why is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Essential to your organization?

According to the World Economic Forum, diversity, equity and inclusion are essential for economic stability and lead to greater resilience and recovery in times of crisis. Plus, a corporate environment rich in a diverse workforce shows an increase in creativity, problem solving, and ultimately meeting and exceeding financial goals. Highly inclusive companies are more likely to hit their financial target goals by up to 120%.

Creating a Brilliantly Resilient workplace by expanding our idea of DEI, we encourage the inclusion of people with diverse abilities, ages, genders, races, cultures, creeds, socio-economic backgrounds, education levels and personal circumstances, all of which can lead to more innovation, employee loyalty, team building, and faster, better results.

The Brilliantly Resilient program is an excellent addition to organizations seeking to understand and implement the value of DEI in their organizations!

In this program, Mary Fran and Kristin teach strategies to quickly access resilience as well as build company brilliance by utilizing a diverse workforce built on the foundations of DEI, utilizing tools and strategies to encourage DEI hiring and implementation in corporate/company structure.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Build resilience and adaptability by utilizing DEI.
  • Increase creativity by engaging diverse skills, talents and perspectives.
  • Recognize advantages in adversity (personally and in others).
  • Develop stronger teams by implementing individual / team brilliance.
  • Include multiple perspectives to enhance problem-solving.
  • Increase company and client loyalty through inclusivity.


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The Brilliantly Resilient Program

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