When you let go of what you think something SHOULD be, you make room for what it COULD be. ~ Mary Fran Bontempo


What “should” you be doing as you begin your Rise? What should your plan be? How should you move forward? What should your life look like right now? Maybe none of that matters. Maybe what you think something “should” look like isn’t what you need at all. Our Brilliantly Resilient co-founder, Mary Fran Bontempo, wasted a ton of time trying to craft the life she thought she “should” have, only to find it didn’t fit, wasn’t working, and wasn’t making her happy. So, MFB decided to ditch the “should” and go for what she wanted, figuring it out as she went along, and happily finding a partner in Kristin Smedley who felt the same way! Replace “should” in your self-talk with what you must do and what you want to do and watch life change exponentially—in the direction you want to go! Learn more by visiting MFB and KS at www.brilliantlyresilient.net!

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