I believed in my vision of the future more than in anyone else’s doubt. ~ Tiffany Smiley

Ah the doubters. The naysayers. The ones who tell you “You can’t.” Sometimes it seems they’re everywhere—at least, everywhere you want to go. But there’s one place they aren’t: inside of your head. Unless you let them in, of course. Which is why you have to believe—in yourself, in your vision, in your future. Tiffany Smiley knows all about the doubters; they told her that her husband, Scott, would live a highly compromised life after a serious injury in Iraq that took away his sight. But Tiffany refused to let the doubters inside of her, or Scott’s head, instead choosing to believe her husband would be capable of living a full, impactful life. Today, both Tiffany and Scott are powerful motivational speakers and mentors, all because they believed. Choose belief, and hear more from Tiffany Smiley on the Brilliantly Resilient podcast!

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