How To Start Your Comeback After A Setback in 3 Steps (THE REPLAY!)

Enjoy the replay of the March 10th live event! 

What you’ll learn in this Brilliantly Resilient Live Virtual Event:
  • How perceptions of crisis and challenges directly cause outcomes you are experiencing
  • How to change your perception of challenges to change your outcomes
  • How to take actions steps during challenges/crisis in manageable ways to feel empowered, not overwhelmed
  • How to be a “15 Minute Master”
  • Uncover which “Bucket of Brilliance” you fit in
  • How identifying your Brilliance is key to living Brilliantly Resilient

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  • Self paced fully virtual course
  • Work(ish) book
  • Information for all 3 pillars of the Reset process
  • Up close access to tips & strategies from the Creator of Pictionary, New York Times Best Selling Authors, Female CEOs, and MORE!

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