You have to be willing to step into the fire, watch everything burn down, and know that coming out of this, you’ll be a better version of yourself. ~ LeDerick Horne

Ummm…ouch? Step into the fire? Watch everything burn down? Do I get to say, “No, thanks”? The truth is no, not always. As frightening as it may be to think of the destruction of what you know, sometimes it’s the only—and best—way to begin to Reset. Often, what you may have to watch burn are your own self-imposed ideas of what you are or aren’t capable of. As a child with a learning disability, LeDerick Horne was told he wouldn’t amount to much. Not only did he refuse to accept that sentence, he decided to burn it down himself, without fully knowing what might take it’s place. Rather than allow others to define what he would become, LeDerick chose the unknown, and ultimately defied expectations, becoming an educator, speaker and inspiration for many. If things are “burning” around you, have faith. The opportunity for growth exists within the flames! Hear more from LeDerick Horne on his episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast!

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