Few people are more influential in a person’s life than a dad. Hopefully for better, but sometimes for worse, dads can lift us up, motivate us or, sadly, cause sadness and pain. To bring Dad joy and love, enter Rob Kenney, the “Dad, How Do I?” guy.

When you’re blessed to do a show like Brilliantly Resilient LIVE, you meet all kinds of incredible folks. But few have touched the hearts of my co-creator, Kristin Smedley and I like Rob, a.k.a., “the internet’s dad.”

After being abandoned by his own father, and with no agenda other than helping empower others-kids as well as older followers-Rob began offering “Dad” advice on topics from how to shave to how to fix a leaky faucet. And just to add to the authenticity, Rod sprinkles in Dad jokes as well as supportive, simple words like “I’m proud of you” for his viewers.

When we first heard of Rob, we just knew we had to have him on the show-and we did!!! (So did The Today Show, but our interview was better–just sayin’! 😉 ) Tune into the Brilliantly Resilient LIVE video show on YouTube or the podcast. And listen to hear about Rob’s “80 year-old daughter!”

Rob has garnered millions of followers on his YouTube channel, and now he has a book called, yep, “Dad, How Do I?” Part memoir, motivation, DIY and Dad-love, you can find Rob’s book on Amazon: https://lnkd.in/ed4Ejxz

We know you’ll love Rob as much as we do! Thanks, Dad!

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