This week in the Brilliantly Resilient Summer of Giveaways, we feature Rob Kenney of Dad, How Do I? fame! Rob is, quite simply, the nicest man in the world, and a fill-in dad for kiddos from pre-teens to 80-year-olds! (Seriously, one fan called herself Rob’s 80-year-old daughter!)
Join us this week on the Brilliantly Resilient podcast to catch up with Rob, and DON’T FORGET TO HEAD TO OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE for a chance to win a signed copy of Rob’s new book titled, you guessed it, Dad, How Do I? Practical Dadvice For Everyday Tasks and Successful Living.
Rob’s book, Youtube channel and Instagram page offer not only DIY tips, but warmth and wisdom, plus some pretty bad Dad jokes! Starting each of his videos with the endearing phrase, “Hey Kids,” Rob is sure to warm your heart.
SO, if you’re looking for a “feel good” book and could use a little dad love, check out Rob’s website and don’t forget to ENTER TO WIN A COPY OF THE BOOK! We know you’ll love Rob as much as we (and Kevin Hart–Whaaaatttt???!!!) do! Thank you, “Dad,” for being a part of our Brilliantly Resilient family. We love you!

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