Nothing is ever black and white. It’s important to show the gray to get the truth. ~ Allison Norlian


How would you feel if everyone understood and accepted you all of the time? No judgement, just you being allowed to be you. If you’re like us, the thought alone makes you breathe a deep sigh of relief. Yet it’s a rare human who always feels accepted and understood—especially when their reality isn’t “normal”—whatever that means. This week’s guest, award-winning journalist and documentarian, Allison Norlian, knows what it feels like to be misunderstood and isolated, an experience she first had as a young child playing with a school friend. But Allison began to find her voice at that moment, learning to educate others to her truth.

It’s often our perspective, and the perspective of others, that takes over as the voice in our heads–telling us we’ll never fit in, never be enough, never accomplish what we want. Allison learned that by sharing her experience with others, she not only changed their perspective, but her own.

Listen and learn how Allison turned her everyday experiences into her Brilliance and her life’s work—and how you can too!  Stay Brilliant!



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