After summer’s lazy days and endless sun and fun, September always feels like the beginning of a new year here at Brilliantly Resilient. Cooler temperatures and kids getting back to school, a return to regular schedules–all of it feels like a chance to begin anew.

But with Covid still overshadowing our lives, beginning again is full of stops and false starts, with the changes we face feeling more like sucker punches than opportunities for growth.

Well, then. If you know anything about us here at Brilliantly Resilient, you know that sucker punches are kind of our jam. Not as in “Yay, we just got smacked down again!”, but more like “Okay, we’ve been here before, let’s climb out of this crap heap.” Yeah, we said it. Sometimes life feels like a giant pile of pooh.

But there are actionable steps you can take to Reset with Resilience and focus your weary brain automatically on moving forward. Let’s revisit the Reset:

  1. Examine your values. What’s really, really important to you? This is where you get to choose what you want in your life and ditch the stuff that you thought was supposed to matter, but really doesn’t. How much of your “old life” a.k.a. pre-Covid schedule, is important enough to re-implement? If you didn’t need it for the past 18 months…maybe you just don’t need it. Get really clear on what’s important and do that. As for the rest of it–if it ain’t important to living true to your values, it ain’t important.
  2. Clarify your perception. How much of what’s keeping you stuck is real? Yeah, it’s a legitimate question because we can find ourselves in the Land of Magical Thinking in an instant. That means we’re either making things worse than they actually are, or we’re holding onto unrealistic if-only’s, or when-that-happens-things-will-get-better’s. STOP already! Figure out what’s real, what isn’t, and take action on that.
  3. Control the controlables. We kind of made up a word, but the only thing you really have control over is the “controlables.” So figure out what you actual have the power to do something about, drop the if-only’s and coulda, woulda, shoulda’s and take a single action step on what you can actually control. And then take another one, and another. Pretty soon, you’ll be looking at that sucker punch through your rear-view.

Here’s to September, a glorious fall, and being Brilliantly Resilient, one action step at a time!



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