You have to take the pause and reckon with the carnage. ~ Kimberly Smith

How would you feel if you checked off all of your “I want” boxes? You get the house, partner, job, family—everything you think you want. Feels pretty great, doesn’t it? Until it doesn’t. Instead of feeling happy, you’re unfulfilled, sad and worse, guilty for not appreciating your life.

As we grow, we create a plan—more like a wish list of things that we believe will make us happy. We think that once we get the “fill in the blank,” life will be good. Truth is, sometimes maintaining that perfect life is exhausting, and it can create the cracks in your plan that prove it isn’t the right plan—FOR YOU.

That’s what Kimberly Smith discovered when she seemingly had it all but found herself depressed and desperate. She tried to “talk herself out of it,” only driving herself deeper into the pit. Ultimately, Kimberly realized she had to STOP. Stop trying to talk herself into a life that, while seemingly perfect, wasn’t working for her. She needed to hit pause and see, really see, what she had, what she wanted, and what she needed to do to get there.

Taking personal inventory of what we want is essential to living a Brilliantly Resilient life, but that list needs to reflect YOU, not everyone else. So, take time to reflect, even if it’s kind of a mess, and see what you need to change. It’s the first step towards becoming Brilliantly Resilient.  Tune in to hear more from Kimberly on the Brilliantly Resilient podcast!



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