I had to start trusting myself because the more I trusted other people over my own judgement, the more off-kilter my own life would become. ~ Leslie Kim


You are trustworthy. Yep, you. But do you believe it? So often, we look to others who we think are smarter, more experienced, or wiser, to influence us when making big decisions, because we want to KNOW. We want to know in which direction we should go, we want to know the answer, and we don’t quite believe we’re up to the task.

But more often than not, you do know the answer. It may not be a great answer, it may not be perfect, but you know, even if you don’t want to admit it. And the best way to test your decision? Your gut. When it’s wrong, your gut will tell you, loud and clear. When it’s right, you’ll know that, too.

Your gut reflects who you truly are. Its reactions are a physical manifestation of what you truly think and believe—your values, your truth, not that of others. Trust your gut. The one who knows you best is you. Trust yourself and let go of shame and guilt. Tune in to hear more of Leslie’s wisdom here!



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