Brilliant can be basic and simple. ~ Lynne Kelleher

How would it feel to know that you’re doing something amazing, something Brilliant in fact, and it’s so easy and simple that you almost can’t believe it?

For some reason, we think Brilliance is hard. As a culture, we tend to devalue things that don’t require major amounts of blood, sweat and tears. But the truth is, Brilliance, your Brilliance, is easy. It’s cued into the basic parts of who you are. It reflects you and your talents, aligned with your values, and when you tap into that magic combo, Brilliance just happens.

When Kristin Smedley and I talk about folks tapping into their Brilliance, they find it hard to believe the word even applies to them. But it does. It applies to all of us. Think about the things you do that come almost automatically to you–there’s your Brilliance. And what about those things you do that make you lose track of time? Your Brilliance. It’s there; we just need to acknowledge it.

Our friend Lynne Kelleher, founder of 100 Women Who Care in Bucks County, discovered just how basic Brilliance can be when she created a group of women who impact their community with tens of thousands of dollars in a single hour. That’s ONE HOUR—no big events, no planning, no stress. Completely, utterly simple, doable, and Brilliant.

Brilliance can be basic, and when it is, it’s often powerful. Learn how to tap into your basic Brilliance in this week’s episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast, and check out 100 Women Who Care with our buddy Lynne Kelleher!

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