Do you believe you have value? Real, genuine, built-in value?

Many of us don’t, and it’s a dangerous way to live. Without recognizing our own worth, we, and especially our children, are susceptible to all kinds of manipulations, especially in the world of social media.

The movie “Taken” is every parent’s worst nightmare. But that’s not what sex trafficking looks like. It’s here, in our own backyards, and our kids are the targets.

Stephanie Olson has lived a life. After dealing with abandonment, alcoholism, addictions, eating disorders and sexual and domestic violence, Stephanie overcame through determination, faith, and resilience. That would be enough, but Stephanie went further, turning her trauma into triumph, and working with kids to combat human trafficking by instilling in each child a sense of worth and intrinsic value–a voice to say, “No!”

Tune in to Stephanie’s episode on the Brilliantly Resilient podcast to hear more of her amazing story and learn about her work with “The Set Me Free Project,” inspiring kids in schools to know their own worth to live lives of power and self-respect.

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