People need to trust that you’re the one saying what you’re saying.
~ Dr. Jennifer Gardella, PhD.
Do you struggle to create written content and social media posts for your business? How would you feel if hou had a program that could write all of your social media, articles and marketing copy with just a few simple prompts from you, allowing you to create enough content to fill an editorial calendar for an entire year?

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and its go-to application, ChatGPT, promise just that, with a few key strokes. YAHOOOOO!!! Right?

Not so fast, cautions Dr. Jennifer Gardella in this week’s episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast.

While A.I. can be a truly productive tool to help with content creation, Dr. Gardella warns that it is artificial, and can impact the trust and authenticity factors essential to the customer/provider relationship. She notes, “What did we learn through Covid? People are dying for genuine connection.”

A.I. is computer generated, and by its very nature, inauthentic. Further, Google is now identifying A.I. generated content and flagging it in search results, potentially changing up to 40% of what shows up in a Google search.

There are ways to use A.I. effectively, provided you view it as a starting point and commit to editing the final copy to reflect you and your brand. Thoughtful editing also prevents your copy from resembling or even coming up as a direct copy of others in your market using A.I. exclusively.

Here at Brilliantly Resilient, we’re always happy to accept help to share Brilliance. But we’re also committed to truth and authenticity–whatever you put out in the world must be real and reflect you and your brand.

Tune in to hear more of Dr. Gardella’s strategies for best using A.I. and visit her at: Be sure to listen for these additional bits of Brilliance:

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